Glenn has consistently fought alongside the women of our communities in order to ensure greater economic opportunities and safer communities for our families. From CEOs, to elected leaders, to stay at home moms, women from across the 6th Congressional District are proud to stand with Glenn.

Join Glenn to support the hardworking women throughout both the 6th District and the State of Wisconsin. It is imperative we come together to support the women who make up integral parts of our workforce, our families and our communities.

“Glenn Grothman cares about families and is fighting to lower health care costs. He has a bipartisan plan to lower the cost of insulin products by increasing competition in the marketplace. Glenn continues to listen and deliver for working families in Wisconsin.”
– State Senator Alberta Darling, Women for Glenn Co-Chair

Glenn understands that women are a critical part to the success of our communities, and he vows to fight for them in Congress.

Some pieces of legislation that Glenn has contributed to are:

H.R. 888, Women’s Public Health and Safety Act.
H.R. 777, Debbie Smith Reauthorization Act of 2019.
H.R. 2423, Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commemorative Coin Act.

Alberta Darling


Leah Vukmir

Honorary Chair

Ozaukee County

Mary Buestrin

Kathy Broghammer

Julie Carufel

Jean Wirthlin

Torey Graham

Carol Linder

Carol Carpenter

Heidi Morgan

Susan Pohle

Annerose Scrimenti

Judy Schinker

Tobey Neuberger

Maryann Wyatt

Mary Handeland

Cari Anne Mihalko

Lorraine Marx

Allison Wilke

Kim Lapcewich

Melissa Piller

Chrissy Grimm

Helen Michaletz

Christina Garni

Michelle Kluck

Merry Gerry

Sue Ellen Baye

Terrie Stangl

Denise Prom

Laurie Theiler

Molly Broehm

Heidi Stanton

Stacy Mangione

Beth Garni

Green Lake County

Victoria Schwark

Janet Reabe

Teresa Thiem

Barbara Gregory

Joan Mueller

Susan Wallschlaeger

Stephanie Naparalla

Madalyn Naparalla

Victoria Gundrum

Jodi Bauer

Joyce Hayes

Linda Burkart

Rochelle Ford

Fond du Lac County

Lillian Nolan

Jean Schad-Dimperio

Jennifer Loritz

Susan Guell

Jeanette Rinke

Laura Barden

Beth Seif

Ruth Streck

Linda Wendt

Vickie Goldapske

Jan Baldock

Becky Douma

Kim Mccollum

Mary Dreifuerst

Barb Woehlke

Phyllis Hochrein

Alissa Classey

Paula Feucht

Jean Birr

Valerie Gallup

Gloria Nelson

Hannah Nelson

Vicki Stoffel

Karen Breitzman

Kathy Voegelmann

Dee Gerlach

Nadine Krahn

Teri Fowles

Darlene Mueller

Maureen Koch

Victoria Gallup

Janice Lubner

Carol Erdmann

Jessica Burg

Cori Salchert

Joie Baldock

Jan Krueger

Sheboygan County

Sue Lensink

Mary Adleman

Mary Jumes

Tamara Remington

Judy Gasper

Judy VanWattinger

Dodge County

Christine Breikreutz

Mary Muehlius

Judi Hammond

Winnebago County

Lindsay Clark

Teri Venner

Gail Johnson

Colleen O’Brien

Margaret Beck

Joann Borlee

Kathie Boyette

Ruth Streck

Sue Neulen

Waushara County

Pat Power

Michelle Fenske

Annabelle Fenske

Makaela Fenske

Dianne Cochrane

Maggi Fenske

Jennifer Johnson

Marquette County

Sandy Wuteska

Samantha Janke

Beverly Sengbusch

Teri Lyon

Holli Berthon

Jane Lloyd

Linda Sampson

Barbara Hall

Lynn Bult

Barbara McHugh

Jody Myers

Pat Williams

Manitowoc County

Sulynn Moore

Ann Wolf

Gail Clifford

Bonnie Shimulunas

Columbia County

Sharon Jacobson

Julie Hornbacher

Sheree Mattke

Milwaukee County

Mary Buestrin

Alberta Darling

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