We believe in the importance of protecting those who are unable to protect themselves. Glenn has worked vigilantly in order to protect the rights of the unborn through passing legislation that would prohibit the use of tax dollars for both abortions and abortion providers.

As left wing interest groups continue to pour money into organizations like Planned Parenthood, Glenn has continued the fight to protect the unborn by voting to defund abortion clinics and prohibiting the use of tax dollars for abortions. Given his record, Glenn has recieved endorsements from Wisconsin Right to Life, Pro-Life Wisconsin, National Right to Life, Susan B. Anthony List, and Wisconsin Family Action. 

“Glenn Grothman is a tireless champion for the unborn. He deeply understands the worth and dignity of every human person and persists valiantly in ending the evil of abortion through his legislative abilities,” Tobey Neuberger of Ozaukee County said. 

Glenn has supported key pieces of legislation such as the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which requires a baby born alive during an abortion to be afforded the same degree of care that would apply to any other child at the same gestational age. As well as the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, that protects unborn children at 20 weeks, a state in which a child is able to experience great pain when being killed by dismemberment or other late-term abortion methods.

Glenn is devoted to protecting the lives of the unborn and for all of the individuals throughout the 6th District of Wisconsin.

Some legislation that Glenn has supported are:

H.R. 20,  No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion and Abortion Insurance Full Disclosure Act of 2019. 
H.R 962Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act. 
H.R. 784Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. 

Many advocates for life have joined the coalition including:
Fond du Lac County

Susan Guell

Ron Guell

Kim Mccollum

Daniel Degner

Beth Seif

Ryan Thorpe

Jodi Thorpe

Marty Ryan

Cindy Sweeney

Ann Streblow

Donald Fontecchio

Ann Fontecchio

Donald Cayen

Margaret Wiesen

Russell Wiesen

Julie Petersen

Jan Baldock

Jennifer Loritz

Nadine Krahn

Gloria Nelson

Dave Krahn

Dee Gerlach

Rev. Doug Birr

Clint Gerlach

Jean Birr

Maureen Koch

Mary Dreifuerst

Karen Breitzman

Dan Dreifuerst

Janice Lubner

Missy Kluth

Dan Lubner

Rich Kluth

Paula Feucht

Hannah Nelson

Zac Loritz

Jessie Burg

Reuel Loritz

Brian Burg

Tom Baldock

Barb Woehlke

Alan Dierrmeir

Doug Woehlke

Dave Wellskopf

Joie Baldock

Val Gallop

Jerry Baldock

Jan Krueger

Alissa Classey

Chris Krueger

Sean Classey

Sara Franzen

Rich Kluth

Matt Franzen

Missy Kluth

Darlene Mueller

Miss Kluth

Ginger Stephanie

Jackie Adams

Ginger Stephanie

Paul Stephanie

Jackie Adams

Brian Adams

Vicki Stoffel

Boyd Stoffel

Bob Salchert

Mary Rita Salchert

Dean Salchert

Diane Salchert

John Salchert

Johanna Salchert

Emily Salchert

Charity Salchert

Carol Erdmann

Craig Erdmann

Ozaukee County

Allison Wilke

Kim Lapcewich

Melissa Piller

Chrissy Grimm

Helen Michaletz

Christina Gami

Michelle Kluck

Merry Gray

Sue Ellen Baye

Terri Stangl

Denise Prom

Laurie Theiler

Jean Opitz

David Opitz

Julie Carufel

Tricia Hallam

Molly Broehm

Heidi Stanton

Tobey Neuberger

Kathy Broghammer

Stacey Mangione

Beth Garni

Grant Fox

Green Lake County

Joyce Hayes

Paul Dolata

Ronald Pugh

Sheboygan County

Mary Adleman

Jacob Immel

Shannon Shlater

Matthew Shlater

Judy Gasper

Dennis Gasper

Dennis Kotloski

Bob Wallace

Tamara Remington

Edna Roltgen

Winnebago County

Joann Borlee

Ruth Streck

Gail Johnson

Marjorie Dean

Pat Malesa

Ed Hudak

Kay Hudak

Jim Reiff

Columbia County

Don Jacobson

Sharon Jacobson

Linda Sorenson

Maggie Larson

Cori Maloney

Donna Tuttle

Karen Henke

Dodge County

Steph Elleson

Craig Elleson

Christine Breikreutz

Manitowoc County

Sulynn Moore

Maggie Johnson

Richard Johnson

Ann Wolf

Barb Gilbert

Joanne Vogel

Barbara Kanera

Waushara County

Pat Power

Steve Power

Annabelle Fenske

Milwaukee County

Kim Lapcewich

Adam Pollack

Sheri Myers

Susan Beresford

Marquette County

Sandy Wuteska

Linda Sampson

Lori Temanson

Terry Temanson

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